lunedì 15 marzo 2010

versi prima di coricarsi

I need you to keep me straight,
When the world don't seem so great,
And it's hard enough you know
I need you to be around
When my conscience brings me down
And the world feels so obscure
I want you to be the one
Who tells me off when I do wrong,
And you know I can be bad
I need you, I need you
Say you'll stay, make my day
Now what have I done,
Was it something I said - oh dear
I need you to turn me off,
When you think I've said enough,
To the extent of being a bore
I need you to tell me no
Slap my wrists and send me home
Tell me I can't come again
Now why are you crying -
Have I gone too far - again

"I need you", The Jam

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